A Guide To Medik8

Introducing Medik8 range to Sutherlands Hair and Beauty

This month award winning global brand Medik8 has arrived at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty.
A professional grade range sold only by skincare experts, Medik8 caters for a wide range of skin complaints. To introduce you to our range, we have picked our hot picks for each skin ailment. Here are our favourites…

Problem Prone Skin
The Medik8 range is perfect for those suffering from oily, problem prone skin and acne. Look out for the Beta range that combats acneic skin with a combination of Salicylic Acid, AHAs, BHA’s and nourishing tea tree oil. The Beta Cleanse is a deep cleansing, antibacterial and exfoliating formula that removes every trace of make-up. Follow it with the Beta AOX, a 100% oil-free antioxidant serum designed to tackles painful blemishes while protecting the skin against ageing. Finish it off with the Skin Mattifying Hydrator, a lasting moisturiser infused with cinnamon that reduces shine and regulates sebum while deeply hydrating the skin.

The White Balance Click Intense Brightening Serum is a 7-1 formula designed specifically to tackle pigmentation. The innovative ‘click’ packaging system protects the longevity and potency of the powerful ingredients with a patented design and is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, age spots, freckles, blotchiness, sun damage, uneven skin tone and melisma.

For dry and very dry skin, check out Medik8’s Hydr8 range. The Hydr8 B5 is an intensive hydrating gel serum that plumps and refreshes the skin without feeling heavy. This can be coupled with Hydr8 day and night creams. Theses pro-collagen formulas not only tackle dehydrated skin but also hold powerful anti-ageing properties. For skin in need of lots of TLC, pick up Ultimate Recovery an intensive, restorative cream that boosts dry, tired skin instantly.

Dealing with sensitive skin can be difficult. Medik8’s Red Alert range is designed to nourish without aggravating or upsetting the delicate balance of your skin. The Red Alert Cleanse is a mild and gentle cleanser that is particularly effective at removing all traces of make-up and impurities while addressing the needs of sensitive skin. Follow it with the Red Alert Anti-Redness Calming Serum to soothe redness and calm agitated skin whilst protecting against further damage.

Medik8 has an extensive range of powerful anti-ageing products. We love the Firewall Broad Spectrum Super Antioxidant. The product is so good at protecting collagen from the damage of free radicals that it beat nine of the leading skincare brands in comparison experiments.
The vitamin C day range, including C-Tetra, CE-Tetra and CE-Thione includes low irritation vitamin C formulas and highly concentrated vitamin E formulas. All serums mimic how the body naturally keeps vitamin C in the skin triggering collagen synthesis which increases the skins elasticity and density while protecting it from skin photo-ageing, fine lines and pigmentation.
The full Medik8 range is available to purchase at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty now.
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