Bridal Hair and Makeup Guide

Congratulations on setting your wedding date. Arranging a wedding is an exciting time and our aim is to help you look and feel wonderful on your special day.

At Sutherlands Hair and Beauty we offer wedding hair and makeup within our Newport-on-Tay salon. We have a number of hair stylists and beauty therapists within our team, who are specialists in bridal hair and makeup.

Each member of your party can be booked in with a different member of our team to enable all your hair and makeup looks to be completed at the same time. This allows you to keep your wedding preparation destination tidy and afford you plenty of time to relax ahead of ceremony.

Ahead of your special day we recommend a trial.

Your Wedding Trial:

Arranging a trial can be a great idea ahead of your wedding to help decide on your desired look.

Preferably the trial should be an event on it’s own and not for a night out or another do if possible. The reason for this is, is it allows us to experiment with different looks and styles. Often people leave with two different eye looks to see which they prefer.

We generally suggest that this takes place during daylight hours so you see the look in the same light you will be married in.

It can be helpful to look through images you like ahead of your trial. We have an dedicated Pintrest page at with a  hair and makeup boards, or wedding magazines may have many looks you like. Please bring any reference images with you on the day of your trial.

We can also discuss any themes and colour schemes etc to help you decide on your final look.

Makeup/Hair Trial:

Some makeup trial tips:

  • Prepare for your trial: Look for images of makeup you like and bring them with you to your trial or send them to us ahead of your trial via email.
  • Wear white: or the colour you will be wearing on your wedding day to get an accurate preview of your wedding makeup. Flash photography images at the trial stage are also a good idea. This is something we will do as a matter of record.
  • Think classic: Don’t go for an overly trendy or catwalk inspired look, if you don’t want your photographs to date. A timeless and classically beautiful look can translate better over the years.


  • Please attend your trial wearing an everyday makeup look your are comfortable with. This will allow us to see your individual style. Please avoid wearing strip lashes to your trial though, as these can be tricky to remove and the glue can hamper reapplication. Feel free to bring images of yourself on nights out on your phone etc.


  • Sync Your Colour Scheme: Be in sync with the colour scheme and tones of the wedding.
  • Look Like You: Think about what make-up you normally wear. The best bridal make-up is an even more beautiful, polished version of you.
  • Photography: The makeup we use will avoid flashback issues (strange white lighting visible on the face during flash photography). Shimmer, glitter and foundations with an SPF of 15 can all lead to flashback problems.
  • Long Wear:  We always opt for long wear options when choosing and applying bridal makeup to ensure you a stress free day.
  • Touch Ups: Make sure you’re ready for touch-ups, especially with lipstick, you tend to do a lot of kissing at weddings! Ask a bridesmaid to carry some powder, lipstick, concealer and hairspray for you.


  • Attend your hair trial with newly washed hair, free from product and unstraightend or curled. Hair should be brushed and free from tugs if possible.
  • If you have clip in extensions, they should be washed and tug free so they can easily be applied to the hair.
  • Please bring any accessories (veil, tiara, clips etc) that you will be wearing on the day with you to your trial.
  • If you are wearing flowers, please select flat, waxy flowers that aren’t too heavy and don’t wilt to quickly. If in doubt please ask your florist for advice.

On the day of your wedding please wear a top that can easily be removed over your head so not to dislodge your hair or makeup look.


Wedding Makeup Trial: £52.50 (90mins)

Wedding Makeup: £31.50 (45mins)

Wedding Makeup with clump lash application: £42.00 (1hr)

Hair Up Trial: £48.30 (1hr)

Simple Hair Up : £26.25 (30mins)

Intricate Hair Up: £48.30 (1hr)

Bridal hair and makeup in Dundee and St Andrews at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty.