CACI Microlift Personal Facial Toning System

Sutherlands Hair and beauty are now stocking the CACI Microlift Personal Facial Toning System. Designed to complement the CACI Microlift Salon Facial Treatment, the home kit helps to maintain lifting and toning results achieved from the salon procedure. The kit costs £349.99 and Sutherlands Hair and Beauty will provide a full demonstration on how to use the machine on purchase. You can also view a demonstration video clip at CACI Electro Buds ( 100 per box) approx. 1 month supply, are included for the first month. Following use they can be purchased in the salon for £34.99. These unique serum filled cotton buds that are used with the CACI Microlift to enhance the transmission of the microcurrent impulses and provide an instant skin firming action.

CACI the facts: The award-winning CACI Ultimate non-surgical facelift at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty is a serious alternative to cosmetic surgery, and is a safe and natural treatment. It has fantastic anti-ageing benefits, but can also be used as a form of ageing prevention for younger skins (from the late 20's onwards). CACI Microlift helps to lift and firm the face by re-educating facial muscles that have lost tone and elasticity. A patented muscle gripping action firms and tones the facial muscles.

The hand held personal facial toning device enables you to maintain the benefits of your monthly CACI facial toning technology in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Most home facial systems use a high intensity electrical current to shock the facial muscles into a contraction spasm. The CACI Microlift does not work in this way. Instead, the CACI Microlift emits tiny electrical impulses that work in harmony with the body's bio-electrical field to stimulate collagen production and trigger skin tissue repair and healing. This makes the treatment extremely comfortable for the user. Occasionally, users with dry or sensitive skin may experience a mild tingling sensation but for most users the treatment has very little electrical sensation. The unique muscle gripping action of the CACI Microlift triggers a stretch reflex response in the facial muscles that helps to restore muscle firmness. There are two treatment programs and three intensity levels to target specific facial areas. The Toning Program emits low frequency electrical impulses to stimulate and re-energise the facial muscles to improve tone and elasticity. The Wrinkles Program releases higher frequencies to target skin tissue and to assist the penetration of the Electro Buds active ingredients helping to soften and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits The Toning Program is designed to help firm the jaw line, plump the cheek area and lift the brow line. Reduction of wrinkle depth by relaxing facial muscles where repeated muscle contractions have caused expression lines and forehead furrows to form The Wrinkles program helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and improve skin texture to give a more youthful looking complexion.

The CACI Microlift is a cordless, battery operated device that has a brightly lit LCD display, push button treatment selection and treatment guidance for user friendliness and easy operation. For added convenience, the CACI Microlift uses re-chargeable batteries (2 x AAA lithium re-chargeable batteries supplied). A charging station is used to re-charge the CACI Microlift which when fully charged will provide over three hours of usage (approximately 20 treatment sessions).

The CACI Microlift Personal Facial Toning System is supplied with the following items : CACI Microlift handset Charging station Mains charger lead 2 x AAA Rechargeable batteries 1 box of Electro Buds (Qty 100) User Guide Treatment Guide Charging station, Mains lead, Electro buds Battery life - 60 minutes, First charge 3 hours. 1 charge treats all body areas