Chloe’s Head Shave Success

She did it – but it’s not too late to sponsor!!


Sutherland’s Hair and Beauty client, Chloe Milne, has had her head shaved to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. The plucky youngster was inspired after battling cancer herself at the age of two. The press officer had a kidney removed and was treated with chemotherapy after doctors discovered a rhabdoid tumour on her kidney as a toddler. The head shave will help to raise funds, whilst Chloe’s waist length hair will be used to make wigs for children after the kind-hearted 24-year-old opted to donate it to specialist charity the Little Princess Trust Chloe said: I was two when I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a rhabdoid tumour on my kidney, so I had the tumour and kidney removed and then had a year of chemotherapy at Ninewells hospital. I also spent some time at the Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh. The doctors and nurses at Ninewells were amazing, and they always recognised me when for my yearly check ups, right up until I was a teenager!She added: The care I received when I was being treated for cancer was fantastic, so anything I can do to fund more research into the disease is very important to me.Sutherland’s stylist Jess Heymans, who shaved Chloe’s head, said: It was an honour for Sutherlands to be able to help Chloe in such a small way. It great to know her selfless act will help so many people.Please share and sponsor at Cancer Research UK funds over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses across the UK to find new and better ways to beat cancer. Little Princess Trust provides wigs and hairpieces for children who suffer hair loss due to cancer treatment.