Easy on the Environment

Sutherlands Hair and Beauty goes Easy on the Environment

Sutherlands Hair and Beauty has become one of the first salons in Fife and Tayside to embrace a multi award-winning , innovative system that will help slash the salon's carbon footprint, saving water and energy. Sutherland's has swapped scratchy cotton towels for Easydry disposable eco-towels, made from renewable, ethically sourced materials.

The greener, cleaner towelling system helps protect the environment while offering clients a luxurious, hygienic service. A fresh, soft and new towel will now be wrapped around each client's shoulders every visit. And during technical treatments such as tinting, their clothes will be protected by a smart and effective Easydry environmentally friendly water and tint- resistant cape.

Easydry gives our clients peace of mind, with a brand new, hygienic towel used each time. And because they are completely recyclable and compostable they help us protect the environment, says Sutherlands manager Marion Sutherland.

Hair salons must wash all used towels each time to maintain hygiene standards, but it can be hugely draining on the environment in terms of water and energy use. Switching to Easydry has not only freed Sutherlands Hair and Beauty from the tyranny of laundering towels every day, but they are also 100% biodegradable and recyclable and are made from high-grade wood pulp sourced from certified sustainable forests using environmentally sound processes. In contrast, cotton is one of the world's most pesticide-dependent agricultures.
I wanted to produce a towel that would not burden the environment, made things easier for businesses and ensured a better service for clients, explains Easydry's managing director, and creator of the towel, Anne Butterly. It was a challenge - to produce an eco-friendly towel that was highly absorbent, hygienic and cheaper than using cotton towels - but we did it.
Sutherlands Hair and Beauty has joined top names that have already converted to Easydry.

Easydry ticks all the boxes for us. They help us provide a better service for our clients and at the same time help us protect the environment, adds Marion.