How To Maintain Your Gel Nails

Caring For Gel Nails At Sutherlands Hair and Beauty

At Sutherlands Hair and Beauty, we are often asked how clients can maintain and prolong the life of their gel manicure without damaging their nails. Here are our tops tips…

  1. Visit a regulated salon with brands you can trust

Ensure that the gel nail system used by your salon is a reputable, EU approved brand. Rogue brands transported in from abroad can cause untold damage to your nails. At Sutherlands Hair and Beauty, we offer widely respected brands including; CND Shellac, Calgel and Geleration. All our beauty therapists undergo full training in each individual nail system as well as regular refresher training to ensure we are delivering the highest standard treatment at all times.


  1. Consider Your Nail Length

Prior to applying your gel polish, your beauty therapist will ask how you would like your nails shaped. Your gel nails may last as long as three weeks, so it is a good idea choose a length that allows for growth.


  1. Avoid Heat For The First Hour After Application

The first hour after your gel manicure is crucial if you are to preserve it for as long as possible. Avoid hot showers or baths, saunas and hot ovens directly after application.


  1. Do Not Pick!

If you are a chronic nail picker, you can cause real damage to your nail plate. Never pick or pull at gel nails. At Sutherlands Hair and Beauty we will repair any gel nails that lift or peel within ten days of your appointment. We also provide full advice for removing gel nails correctly. Please ask your therapist for advice.


  1. Don’t File Between Appointments

Before applying your gel, your beauty therapist will make sure you have your chosen nail length and shape. Do not file or clip your nails in between appointments. This will break the seal of your manicure and may lead to peeling or chipping.


  1. Wear Gloves

Always wear gloves when cleaning or doing the dishes. Some cleaning products also contain chemicals similar to acetone, which will wear away gel nails, so marigolds are your best friends!


  1. Watch Your Products

Certain moisturisers, sunscreens and hair products can lift or discolour your nails so be extra careful with these products and thoroughly wash your hands after use. Creams containing lanolin and alcohol hand cleansers are often culprits in nail lifting


  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Keeping your nails hydrated is essential while wearing gel nails. A good nail oil specifically designed for gel nails will nourish the nail plate while softening the cuticle ensuring nails remain in tip top condition. We recommend CND Solar Oil which can penetrate through the gel conditioning the nail underneath.


  1. Nails Are Not Tools

Gel nails can provide added strength to our manicure but it is important not to take this for granted. Treat your gel nails as you would your natural nails to avoid nasty breakages.


Sutherlands Hair and Beauty offer a range of gel nail manicures for clients in Dundee, St Andrews, Cupar, Tayport and beyond. Our Newport-on-Tay salon is easily accesible to all of these locations and offers free parking and is serviced by a regular bus service. Call us on 01382 542369 to book your gel nail appointment.