Jessica Nail Solutions

Jessica nail treatments at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty

Just like our skin, our nail type varies from person to person. As we need different skincare products to address different skin types, we also need the right nail treatment to address our primary nail concerns.

At Sutherlands Hair and Beauty, we are huge fans of the Jessica Nailcare range and their personalised nail treatments. If you long for strong, healthy nails here’s what you should be using and why…

Dry Nails

Diagnosis: Ridged nails which may have white spots or a powdery finish

Nail Solution: Jessica Rejuvenation Treatment boosts nail moisture levels ensuring maximum flexibility.


Brittle Nails

 Diagnosis: Hard and inflexible nails that often break or split far down the nail bed.

Nail Solution: Jessica Recovery Treatment utilises the strengthening power of natural protein, calcium and H20 to restore suppleness to nails and alleviate breakages.


Post Acrylics/Badly Damaged

Diagnosis: Badly damaged, weak and thin nails that struggle to grow.

Nail Solution: Jessica Restoration Treatment seeks to restore nails badly damaged by nail enhancements. While gently healing damage caused to the nail bed, the intensive solution strengthens the nail encouraging growth.


Peeling Nails

Diagnosis: Nails that visibly peel in layers becoming soft and difficult to grow.

Nail Solution: Jessica Fusion Treatment is infused with bonding resins specifically designed to hold layers of the nail together in order to promote growth and strength. The solution is also enhanced with vitamins A and D for extra nourishment.


Weak Nails

Diagnosis: Weak, soft and lacklustre nails that show no signs of growth

Nail Solution: Jessica Critical Care Treatment is an intense nail strengthener infused with KSW and Calcium designed to fortify the nail and promote growth.


Splitting Nails

Diagnosis: Thin and fragile nails prone to break and splitting easily

Nail Solution: Jessica Life Jacket Treatment contains invisible fibres designed to glide over small splits in the nail bed and prevent breakages by providing added protection.


Ridged Nails

 Diagnosis: Uneven, rippled nails with visible ridges

Nail Solution: Jessica Flawless Treatment is specifically designed to minimise the appearance of nail ridges for a perfect manicure. Apply on top of a basecoat before colour for a smooth, perfect finish.


Normal Nails

Diagnosis: Pink, smooth nails that rarely break, peel or chip

Nail Solution: Jessica Reward Treatment ensures healthy nails remain healthy with a potent mix of vitamins and botanical ingredients including vitamins A, C, D & E.


 Don’t Forget Your Cuticles!

Cuticles prevent our nails from absorbing too much water. When we remove too much skin from around the nail bed, the exposure to water or chemicals can make our nails soft and vulnerable. Instead, we suggest softening the cuticle with a hand cream or cuticle oil and gently pushing them back.

Our favourite is Jessica Phenomen Oil, an intensive mix of Sweet Almond, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil.


All products are now available to purchase at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty. Call 01382 542369 for further information.