Keratin Hair Smoothing: Is It For Me?

Keratin Smoothing at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty

How Can I Benefit From Hair Smoothing?

Styling frizzy, unruly and curly hair is difficult and time consuming. Despite a growing number of solutions cropping up on the market, long term smoothing treatments can still seem a little intimidating without professional advice. Here at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty, we would like to help. We offer the inside scoop on our Keratin Smoothing treatments and how they can give you the hair you dream of….


Keratin Smoothing: How Does It Work?

Keratin is a natural occurring protein that provides hair with strength and resilience. When a keratin infused smoothing solution is used, it fills the cracks and gaps in the damaged hair shaft providing hair with a smoother, more sleek appearance. By locking Keratin into the hair shaft, hair is strengthened creating an overall healthier appearance. At Sutherlands Hair and Beauty, we offer two types of smoothing treatment. Our blow out treatment can last up to eight weeks while our full smoothing treatment can last anything up to six months dependent on how often you wash your hair. We use different solutions to cater to different hair types in order to provide the safest, most appropriate treatment for each individual’s hair.


Who Is The Treatment Suitable For?

Long gone are the days when a smoothing treatment resulted in just one uniform style: poker straight hair with no volume. Our hair smoothing solutions are about giving every client the hair they desire. Well-trained stylists can ensure that clients retain their curls, waves or volume while still minimising frizz and damage. Our treatment can be used on any hair type including coloured, highlighted, bleached, permed or relaxed hair and is especially effective on coarse and damaged hair. Final results are dependent on natural hair texture and so vary from person to person but universally clients find hair stronger, healthier and more manageable with greatly reduced styling time.


Our Treatment

At Sutherlands Hair and Beauty we offer a two full smoothing treatments including aftercare products.

This March, we will be offering client the opportunity to sample Keratin Smoothing for a special discounted price. Find all the details on this offer here.

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