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Mascara, Magnifibres, Long Lashes

New Products!
We’re all about the eyes this month at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty with a host of hot new products arriving in store. Whether you like your lashes thick and full or long and luscious, we’re sure to have a solution for you this summer. We also have a sneaky wee makeup primer for mature skin, for flawless foundation wear!

Magnifibres Brush On Mascara
If you’re a fan of the false lash effect but don’t have the time to mess around with false lashes, Magnifibres Brush On Mascara is the product for you. The 100% natural formula works as a base for your favourite mascara and creates fuss-free captivating lashes in seconds. Simply apply a coat of regular mascara then brush on Magnifibres while your lashes are still wet. The fibres will adhere themselves to your natural lashes within 60 seconds. Apply a second coat of your regular mascara and you’re ready to go. The solution can extend your lashes by as much as 5mm providing a completely natural full false lash effect.

Revitalash Primer and Mascara
Revitalash Primer and Mascara are the ultimate eye enhancers. The silky, matte primer preps the eye for mascara application guaranteeing luscious length with no peeling or flaking. The deep primer colour enhances the natural eye colour as well as intensifying the colour of your regular mascara when applied. Couple the two products for endless length and sultry lashes in seconds.

Revitalash Advanced
If you’re keen to promote the growth of your own, natural lashes, Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is the hottest new product on the market. Originally designed for woman undergoing chemotherapy, the product promises fuller, longer, thicker natural lashes in just three weeks. Apply a thin layer each night before bed and this revolutionary new product will work its magic while you sleep. Packed full of powerful peptides and soothing botanicals, Revitalash Advanced will not only improve the condition of existing lashes but also encourage new ones to grow. The product is now a celebrity staple and to top it all off a percentage of all proceeds are invested back into breast cancer research initiatives.

Revitalash Fine Liner
Last but not least, we have a fabulous new face product available this month at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty. The Revitalish Fine Line primer is the ideal product for those seeking a flawless base for their make-up. With spherical light reflective, diffusing powders, this soft face emulsion erases all trace of shadows and imperfections including fine lines and wrinkles. The formula also provides a host of skin benefits with super ingredient brown algae tackling free radicals preserving skin elasticity and suppleness. Specifically formulated to conform to the contours of the face, Revitalash Fine Line Primer is a must for brighter, smoother, younger skin.
New products are available in the Sutherlands Hair and Beauty retail area now. Ask in store for further information.