MAQPRO Makeup Mixer – Product of the Month

Kate Moss’ makeup artist and Vogue aficionado Val Garland has hailed it a kit essential, Youtube makeup sensation Wayne Goss swears by it and Emmy Award winning makeup star Kevin James Bennett always packs it as part of his kit…

What is this makeup wonder product? MAQPRO Make-up Mixer®, the dewy skin secret stocked at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty.

Why do we love this product? Described as a universal savior, Make-Up Mixer® is one product with four functions.

  • Primer/moisturiser: if you prefer the heavier coverageof a card foundationMake-up Mixer® acts as the perfect skin prep prior to the application of highly pigmented products.
  • As a thinner: add Make-up Mixer® to your foundation to achieve a more natural look. The more you add the sheerer the foundation allowing you to customise your foundation from full coverage to a tinted moisturiser.
  • As a mixing medium: add a little Make-up Mixer® to blend different foundation colours together to create the perfect texture allowing you to  colour match your skin all year round.
  • As a make-up remover: Make-up Mixer® removes perfectly the makeup while rehydrating the skin.

Make-up Mixer® is suitable for all skin types and colours. Available at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty from £10.00