May Product Of The Month: Elizabeth Arden Pro Triple Action Protector

Elizabeth Arden Pro Triple Action Protector

Hot off our shelves at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty this month is the newly released Elizabeth Arden Pro Triple Action Protection.

The world of beauty is wakening up the importance of not only SPF but also broad-spectrum protectors in the fight against anti-ageing.

If you buy one product this month is should be Triple Action Protection…

 SPF Alone Is Not Enough

We all know the importance of SPF in minimising sun damage and premature ageing, but few people know that SPF alone is not enough to prevent ageing. Free radical damage caused by environmental factors such as smoke and pollution also takes a massive toll on our skin and can only be combatted by a protector that includes antioxidant protection and DNA Enzymes. Elizabeth Arden Pro boasts all three fundamental factors for maximum skin health; sunscreen (SPF 50), DNA Enzymes and antioxidant protection.


It Corrects, Protects and Perfects

Triple Action Protector is a perfect multipurpose product. The ground breaking anti-ageing formula provides three levels of skin protection with a protein antioxidant complex to diminish signs of ageing, a DNA Enzyme Complex to support the skin’s natural repair system and powerful moisturising ingredients to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier. The tinted formula is ideal for all skin tones and provides a wash of sheer coverage to ensure your skin is glowing throughout the day.


Clinically Proven Results

A clinical study published by The Journal Of Drugs In Dermatology found that Elizabeth Arden Pro Triple Action Protection contained revolutionary skin protection technology that actively reduced the effects of sun damage associated with the premature ageing of skin.


Elizabeth Arden Pro Triple Action Protector is now available to purchase at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty for £59.

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