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Do you want to know the secret skincare product that helps to keep Sutherlands stylists and best buddies Amanda and Sally’s skin glowing? We did too, so asked to be let in on their top beauty tip.

Both are apparently converts of the brand new exfoliating treatment from Vitage. Amanda was first to try the double step treatment, with Sally only a step behind when she noticed how good Amanda’s skin was looking.

Sally said: “I noticed Amanda had a little glow and immediately asked what she was doing that was different. We both like to take care of our skin and are always swapping tips on new things we have tried.

Amanda added: “I told Sally that Skin Brands ambassador Kevin had been into the salon and was raving about the new product. He told me it was ‘an instantly brightening and smoothing treatment that gently exfoliates the skin for a deep pore cleanse’. It sounded just like what I needed so I took some home that night.

“I used it once a week and noticed visible results straight away. Now I couldn’t be without it. And of course Sally is now a convert too.”

Product Description: the Vitage CO2 Micro Peel is an intensive two-step exfoliating and purifying treatment designed to reinvigorate lackluster skin.

Step One is a Vitamin C-infused sugar polish designed to gently buff away dead skin cells with added Honey and Sea Buckthorn Oil which keep the skin supple and protect the skin’s delicate barrier. Step Two is a retexturing liquid that contains a combination of Lactic, Glycolic and Salicylic Acids to refine and smooth the surface of the skin.

How to use it:

  • Cleanse skin thoroughly with Revitalising Daily Cleanse, rinse and blot dry
  • Apply a 5-10 pence piece size of step 1 and apply to face & neck and massage in for 1 minute
  • Apply an equal amount of step 2 directly over the treatment area and massage in for 1 minute
  • Rinse thoroughly with tepid water and Daily Cleansing Cloth and pat dry
  • Follow with mask treatment or serum, moisturiser and sunscreen


Sally said: “I definitely noticed an improvement in my skins texture and my makeup just glided on top perfectly after use.

Amanda finished: “I only have to use half the amount of mosturiser now. It’s a must do one-a-week step in my skin care regime now!’


(Terms & Conditions)

  • To save 20% both part 1 and 2 must be purchased at the same time by the end of September 2016.