Review – Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Protection Factor SPF 50

Product of the Month: Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Protection Factor SPF 50

  • Review by Jo Cochrane, hair stylist at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty

Now I know it is now more than half way through the year, but I have to confess to only opening one of my Christmas presents from parents in July. I did unwrap the gift paper on December 25th, but my new skin care product remained sealed and in it’s box until last month.

What is it you ask that I could so easily leave for so long? Well my new gift was an SPF skin care product.  It did claim to be a super duper all singing and dancing product, but to be honest I was quite happy with my original SPF 30 and didn’t see how it could be bettered.

How wrong I was and now I wish I had been using it longer as it does indeed do what it says on the box..

The claims: Elizabeth Arden PRO’s Triple Action Protector SPF 50 (TAP 50) is a ground-breaking, anti-ageing product formulated with a unique combination of protective ingredients, including a DNA Enzyme Complex™, a highly potent protein protection Antioxidant Complex and broad spectrum SPF 50 sun protection. TAP 50 is a physical sunscreen prepared in a hydrating, universally tinted formulation suitable for all skin types. A clinical study published in The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology2 finds that TAP 50’s revolutionary skin protection technology reduces the effects of sun damage associated with premature skin ageing.

The results: As a new mum of 6-month-old twin boys lets just say I’m not getting as much sleep as I used to. Neither do I have the time to care for myself in quite the same way. But since using TAP 50 I definitely think I am glowing a little more. It’s easy to apply, I love the lightweight formula and as an fan of the outdoors it allows me to get out and about with the pram knowing I am fully protected against the damaging rays of the sun. I’ve also stopped wearing foundation most days as the tinted formula adds just enough coverage and a little bit of a glow too.

I know I can’t take back the years of being out hill walking with no SPF, but it is great knowing this winning product is helping to repair years of damage with just a light application in the morning over my moisturizer with a sneaky top up during the day too. It applies well over makeup and suits all skin types. I just hope I find it in my Christmas stocking next year too, except this time I won’t take so long to open it.