Spray Tanning Machine

Spray Tanning Machine

Self tanning is set to soar at Sutherlands with a brand new deluxe spray tanning machine from Fake Bake winging its way to our Newport-on-Tay beauty salon.

Ahead of the machine’s arrival the spray tanning room will be closed for refurbishment between August 8th to the 24th.  The new machine will then be installed in the salon and features award winning functions including:

  • Unique and patented downward heated air flow extraction that accelerates DHA development as well as keeping the client warm and dry
  • Downward air speed is greater than the power of inhalation and with the airflow continuously moving downwards, overspray is never allowed to move upwards to the client’s face
  • 99.9% of overspray is kept within the booth creating a safe environment for clients and therapists
  • No additional room ventilation required
  • No additional safety precautions need to be taken (face masks, goggles etc)
  • Overhead lighting is provided to illuminate the booth to make it easy for the therapist to identify where the tan has to be applied

To make up for any inconvenience caused by the temporary closure of Sutherlands Hair and Beauty’s spray tanning room, look out for spray tan offers in September.


Call us on 01382 542369 for spray tanning appointments using Fake Bake and St Tropez in our Newport-on-Tay salon, 5 minutes from Dundee, St Andrews, Cupar, Tayport and Broughty Ferry.