What Is LVL?

Are you fed up of false eyelashes? Are you a slave to your eyelash curlers and volumising mascara? At Sutherlands Hair and Beauty clients often ask us how they can improve the appearance of their eyelashes. This month, we are recommending LVL, the little known treatment that can make a huge impact on eyelashes.


LVL (Lift, Volume, Length) is a gentle lash treatment designed to open up the eye area. Unlike traditional lash perming that curls and shortens the appearance of lashes, LVL uses unique silicone pads to straighten the lashes before lifting them for maximum length. A low maintenance alternative to eyelash extensions, LVL gives dramatic results without requiring regular trips to the salon for tops up or removal. Lasting from 6-8 weeks, the effect naturally fades as lashes enter into a new growth cycle.


Suitable for all lashes, LVL can be particularly effective on long, straight lashes that struggle to keep their curl. Coupled with a top lash tint, it delivers remarkable results to fair and blonde lashes adding enhanced definition to the eye area. LVL is also ideal for those who dislike or cannot wear eye make-up. Perfect for summer holidays, the results are sand and sea proof and ensure your eyes look their best from morning to night.


Results are immediate and the treatment takes just 40 minutes.


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Please note: a patch test will be required prior to treatment