Eyelash Extensions
Treatment Advice  


Add length and volume to your lashes with eyelash extensions at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty. Our therapists are fully trained in the Nouveau Eyelash System, the leading professional brand in eyelash extensions.

During the treatment individual synthetic lashes are added one at a time to the natural lashes using a specially developed adhesive. The lashes used are fine and have natural curve enabling them to subtly blend with the natural eyelashes for a fuller, extended look.

The process is repeated until you have a full set and takes around 1.5hours to complete.

We also offer a ‘Party Lash’ treatment using cluster lashes lasting for around 2 days.

Please see our Treatment Advice for full consultation and patch testing details..


Two Week Lashes – £36.00 – Individual lashes applied to groups of 2/3 natural lashes.

Infill Lashes – £21.00 – Required 2 weeks after the initial treatment.

Two Day Party Lashes – £15.75 – Application of cluster lashes.