Treatment Advice  


Sutherlands Hair and Beauty are specialists in the Lycon Waxing system for professional waxing appointments.

Lycon is the number one choice in quality wax using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils. At Sutherlands Hair and Beauty we use Lycon’s hot wax for all of our facial waxing treatments, underarm and bikini areas, and we opt for Lycon’s strip wax for leg and forearm waxing.

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Points of Difference:

Lycon Hot Wax

  • Removes Stubborn Hairs – Lycon’s unique shrink-wrapping technology removes hair as short as 1mm from the root.
  • Virtually Pain Free – Lycon’s unique Pre Waxing Oil is applied prior to Hot waxing. This prevents the wax from sticking to the skin, making your wax experience less painful.
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin – Pre Wax Oil forms a barrier between the wax and the skin allowing Lycon’s low temperature wax to be reapplied without causing skin irritation or drag.
  • Finer Hair Re-growth – Lycon removes hairs from the root encouraging finer and softer hair re-growth which will achieve longer lasting results.
  • Free from Ingrown Hairs – Lycon’s super pliable and gentle wax removes the shortest hairs from the root. This eliminates ingrown hairs which can be caused by the hair breaking at skin level.

Lycon Strip Wax

  • Removes short hair
  • Do not leave behind and sticky residue.
  • Results are less painful than traditional strip waxes.



Lip – £9.00 | Nostril – £9.00 | Chin – £9.00 | Sides of Face – £9.00

Neck – £9.00 | Cheeks – £9.00 | Eyebrow – £9.00 | Forehead – £9.00

Pick ‘n’ Mix (multiple areas): 2 – £12.00 | 3 – £16.00| 4 – £20.00 | 5 – £24.00

Whole Face (includes brows) £24.00


Underarm – £12.60

Forearm – £14.70

Stomach – £6.00

Toes & Feet – £9.45

½ Leg, Feet & Toes – £14.70

¾ Leg, Feet & Toes – £18.90

Full Leg, Feet & Toes – £29.40    

Full Leg & Bikini – £33.60

Bikini – £14.70 – Outside pant line and inner thigh

Extended Bikini – £23.10 – High leg bikini, just inside pant line and buttocks

Brazilian Wax – £29.40 – All hair removed except landing strip

Hollywood – £31.50 – All hair removed



Sutherlands Hair and Beauty are specialists in the Lycon Hot Wax system. Our facilities rival any professional wax bar in Dundee and St Andrews with the added benefit of numerous other treatments to choose from in our hair and beauty salon.