Semi-Permanent Makeup

Natural beauty

Wake up everyday looking your very best with permanent cosmetics.

At Sutherlands Hair and Beauty we offer appointments with the leading micro-pigmentation specialist in Fife and Tayside.  Jillian Sharpe has over 20 years experience in the cosmetics industry. Originally a prosthetics make-up artist, Jillian worked in both Italy and the UK, with her work appearing in fashion magazines, on stage and for Channel 5. She now specialises in high end permanent make-up and has worked with industry pioneers including Susan Church (IIPC),  Karen Bett (Nouveau) and Debra Robson Lawrence (Harley Street). With more than 11 years experience in micropigmentation, Jillian’s work is renowned across Scotland for its accuracy and enhancing qualities.

Micropigmentation, is often referred to as ‘permanent make-up’- is a technique in which minute, metabolically inert pigment granules are implanted below the epidermis for cosmetic and/or corrective enhancement. Micropigmentation is used to enhance facial features like eyebrows, lashes and lips

Typically, two treatments are needed (both are included in the price) and the standard is four to six weeks apart. During the treatment needles penetrate the skin a few millimeters, in what is basically a tattooing process. Treatment results last for years, although benefit from a top up after 18 to 24 months.

Benefits include

No downtime and resumption of most normal activities within 24 hours for majority of patients. The process is relatively quick. The process typically takes one and one half to two hours, although not all that time is afforded to tattooing; there are administrative and pre-procedure prep tasks associated with the service. Skin returns to normal by the next day. Swelling or redness is generally mild.
Mild discomfort during procedure is avoided using topical and/or local anesthesia.

Good alternative for women with make-up allergies (although procedure is designed to enhance features, not replace make-up altogether). Pigments are individually mixed for customized results, and designed to look natural. Results can be seen immediately (although full end result will be seen in about three weeks).


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