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Rapture Hair Extensions at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty

Add length, volume and colour to your hair instantly with Rapture Rapid Technology Hair Extensions at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty.

Rapture is a revolutionary hair extension system using real hair to dramatically transform, giving fuller, more luscious looking locks.

Rapture hair extensions are affordable, accessible and is designed to cause no damage to the natural hair.Developed with increasingly busy lifestyles in mind, Rapture’s rapid extension technology delivers a full head of natural looking hair in less than 60 minutes. Great to cut and simple to style, these inspirational products open up a world of creative opportunity.

Backed by one of the UK’s longest established wig manufacturers and founded on over a decade of research and development, Rapture’s patented adhesive formula and ultra fine application strips make the system unique. Rapture avoids bonds, knots and the use of heat, which can potentially damage the hair.

Rapture is clean, neat and entirely self-contained. The hair extension strips are so fine and light, you quickly forget you are wearing them. The extensions last as long as a normal cut cycle (up to six weeks, longer if the hair is well maintained) after which they can be removed and reapplied. Once removed they can be repeatedly reapplied, making them unbeatable value for money.

Rapture also have a great range of vibrant colours which are ideal for adding colour slices and fringes for that instant party look


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