Facial Waxing at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty

Facial waxing is back!

We are delighted to welcome clients back into the salon for Facial Waxing treatments!

Book in now for upper lip, chin, neck, forehead, nostril or the sides of your face.

Did you know you can make BIG SAVINGS by combining areas at your appointment i.e. lip, chin and nostril.

Select 2, 3 or 4 areas online – the services are called 2 areas (face) etc. or ask for multiple areas when calling us on 01382 542369 to schedule your appointment.

Our Waxing System:

At Sutherlands we use Lycon Hot Wax system for facial waxing. We chose this fantastic system due to the fact it is kind to the skin, less painful, removes very short hair, does not remove a layer of skin like strip waxing and has long-lasting results.

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