Hair Colour Transformation

Hair Colour Transformation Service

We are thrilled to announce our brand new ‘Hair Colour Transformation Service’ at Sutherlands Hair & Beauty. Our hair colourists have been working hard to bring this exhilarating new consultation led service to the salon, giving our clients the opportunity to make a more dramatic change.

Who is it for?

Clients who are looking to go:

  • from dark to blonde – without going orange!
  • to make the change from coloured hair to a beautiful toned grey / white. Think ‘Jack Martin Colourist’ who transformed Sharon Osborne’s hair from bright red to beautiful toned grey.
  • rainbow hair.
  • colour features.
  • colour corrections – think yellow hair, box dye banding etc.

How it works?

You will be asked to attend the salon for a for a 1 to 1 consultation to enable our stylists to tailor the right appointment for you. During the consultation our highly skilled colourists will advise you on the best process and steps needed to transform your hair, as making a big colour change should be managed carefully so to maintain the condition of your hair and to achieve the best results.

You will be patch tested for colour if required and on some occasions it may be necessary to perform a strand test so we can decide on the best process to maintain the condition of your hair.

The price and timing of your subsequent appointment will be discussed during the consultation process and may be subject change depending on results as your appointment progresses.

Please book your consultation online or call us on 01382 542369.