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January Newsletter

It’s good to be back after the festive break and we have had a busy start to 2022 in the salon.

Our stylists have now finished their training on the award-winning protein straightening treatment by KeraStraight and our beauty therapists have completed their training on our new COMCIT Frozen Facial treatment


We are very excited to announce our new award-winning protein straightening treatment KeraStraight. If you’re looking to fight the frizz, then KeraStraight is the hair treatment for you.

Using advanced protein technology, the ultimate treatment will help renew dry, damaged and weak hair transforming it completely into healthy, straighter, stronger hair that both looks and feels amazing.

Click here to arrange your KeraStraight consultation or call 01382542369


What is the COMCIT Frozen Facial?

COMCIT Frozen Facial is : Cryo Oxygen Micro-channelling Collagen Induction Therapy. It is the most effective and advanced skin rejuvenation system offering four simultaneous modes of action all designed to stimulate collagen production. All four treatment modes can be used together or independently.

1. Cryo-Oxygen 

Freezing cold oxygen is introduced into the skin in order to energize and invigorate, while simultaneous cooling effect of the skin surfaces ensures a calming pain-free treatment.

2. Micro-channeling Roller 

Creates tiny pathways in the dermal-epidermal junction; kick starting a positive healing response and allowing a more focused product infusion.

3.Topical Infusion

Active rejuvenating ingredients are delivered deeper into the skin layers via micro-channels; allowing focused penetration of key ingredients tailored to promote collagen production at a cellular level.

4. Oxygen Infusion 

The perfect way to replenish the skin and restore hydration – ‘A healthy, radiant skin is a breathing skin, where oxygen exchange between the cells functions perfectly’.

Click here to book your COMCIT Frozen Facial

Call for Training Models

Here at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty we are always striving to enhance our skills. We are currently looking to create a bank of clients who would be interested in being a model for advanced colour techniques (e.g. full head of highlights, statement colours, etc)

You will receive 50% off the colour service charge (minimum charge £30).

If you are interested, please contact the salon on 01382542369 for further information.