How to treat Maskne, acne caused by mask wearing

What is Maskne and how to treat it!

The medical term for maskne is acne mechanica.
THE CAUSE: when you wear masks for extended periods, you impose heat and friction upon the skin on your face. This can cause your skin to become dry, raw and itchy, and it can also lead to the pores on your face becoming blocked with sweat, oil, moisture and dirt. These blocked pores can then develop into pimples or, in more severe cases, acne cysts.
THE SOLUTION: Add HydraSmooth to your PM skin care routine. This powerful, one-step solution that doesn’t require you to change your entire skincare routine, the active ingredients target the issue overnight.
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How it works? Salicylic acid deeply penetrates pores to remove dead skin cells, helps control the spread and development of acne blemishes and allows skin to heal. Oligopeptide-10 works synergistically with salicylic acid. Hinokitiol, sea whip, and boswellia relieve redness. Allantoin and vitamin E maintain skin’s moisture balance and the hydrolipid barrier.
-Wash fabric masks after every use. Never reuse a cloth mask without first washing it.
-Toss disposable masks after each use.
-Remove your mask every 4 hours where possible for a few minutes to allow your skin to breath.
-Choose the right mask. Try to wear a face mask that fits snugly, but not too tight; has two or more layers of fabric and is made of natural, soft fabric (like cotton).
-Wash your face after wearing a mask.