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Hair extensions Dundee at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty in Newport-on-Tay

Add length, volume and colour to your hair instantly with hair extensions at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty.

We specialise in two systems – Tape and Weave Extensions.

Rapture Tape Extensions: Rapture tape extensions are affordable, accessible and are designed to cause no damage to the natural hair. Developed with increasingly busy lifestyles in mind, Rapture’s rapid extension technology delivers a full head of natural looking hair in less than 60 minutes. Great to cut and simple to style, these inspirational products open up a world of creative opportunity.

Lasting 6 – 8 weeks, using the finest quality hair tapes from Rapture, the extensions are adhered using a fine, yet strong and durable application strip, making them light and easy to wear. The same hair can then be used during follow up reapplication appointments.

Weave Extensions: Cali Weave (aka Braid-less weave, Micro-weave or LA weave hair) extension system is taking the hair extension industry by storm. Applied avoiding heat, glue, plaits and chemicals, this brilliant extension technique has a quick application time and is easy remove.

At Sutherlands we use the highest quality hair wefts from Additional Lengths. The wefts are applied using a beaded track of micro rings to which the hair is sewn in to, avoiding the uncomfortable tension of a braid. Designed to last up to 10 weeks with no maintenance, this system is perfect of you are looking for extra volume and/or length or both.

After 8 – 10 weeks clients return for a removal and refit of the same hair.

All new clients should book in for a free consultation before booking an application appointment.

Hair extensions Dundee at Sutherlands Hair and Beauty in Newport-on-Tay


Hair Extensions

Principal Stylist
£20 per 15 minutes
Senior Hair Stylist
£20 per 15 minutes


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