Treatment Advice  


At Sutherlands Hair and Beauty our team of highly-skilled technicians provide clients with beautiful hair colour solutions. Our colour technicians are highly qualified with a number of our stylists having attainined the ultimate colour qualification – Wella’s Master Colour Award.

Specialising in techniques from Mexican Colour, Starlights to expert colour Features, we are able to offer polished and professional colour looks. We are also renowned for our colour correction work offering precise results for your unique hair care needs.

Prior to having you hair coloured in the salon it is important to establish whether or not you need to have a skin allergy test. Please refer to the colour ‘Treatment Advice’ section for full consultation information.

At Sutherlands we offer Wella Koleston Perfect, Wella Illumina and Wella Innosense colour systems to achieve the very best hair colour looks. *An additional charge of un to £5.50 is made for Illumina and Innosense applications.

See prices below for full appointment details.

About our colour systems:

Koleston Perfect was the world’s first cream hair colourant when Wella invented it in 1950 and is still the first choice for permanent hair colour in tens of thousands of hair salons across the world. Koleston Perfect brings you a formulation for truly perfect colour results. The formula is gentle to the hair and will give it up to 69% more shine than non-coloured hair with intense, vibrant and beautifully balanced colour.

The Wella Illumina range is a premium brand that introduces the wonder of light to the Wella Professionals portfolio. Illumina is light reflecting offering a sheer colour that looks luminous in every kind of light.

INNOSENSE is the first hair colour to include ME+, a patented molecule that delivers vibrant colour results, with a reduced risk of allergy*. This revolutionary new dye molecule enables Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE to offer colour without compromise for allergy and ingredient-conscious clients!


*(s) short (m) / medium / (l) long

Full Head Regrowth Tint – (s, m & l) £48.00

Regrowth Touch Up (parting & sides, s, m &l)  -£26.00

Full Head Tint – (s) £56.00  – (m) £65.50 – (l) £75.50

Full Head Colour with Foils  – (s) £59.50  – (m) £65.50 – (l) £81.50

Mexican –  (s) £57.50 – (m) £64.00 – (l) £76.50

Semi-Permanent Rinse – (s) £43.00 – (m) £48.00 – (l) £59.00

Full Head Starlights – (s) £57.50 – (m) £64.00 – (l) £76.50

Half Head Starlights – (s) £52.00

T-Section Starlights  – (s) £50.00 – (m) – £65.50 – (l) £62.50

Glossing (adds richness/shine) From £22.00

Blending (toning for white/grey hair) From £22.00

Toning (may be required for optimum colour results) From £21.00

Balayage/Ombre From £65.00

Colour Correction – Book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our Wella Colour Experts and following an in-depth analysis a customised treatment pan and price can be determined.

Colour Removal – Hair colour stripping is a chemical process to remove deposited colour. From £36.00

Colour Feature – Add a flash of colour to your hair.                                           From £26.00

Colour Using Exensions – Add a flash of colour to your hair using a weave or tape hair extensions. Book in for a complimentary consultation where a price can be determined for your individual requirements.




Sutherlands Hair and Beauty pride themselves on providing an expert hair colour service to clients in Dundee, St Andrews, Broughty Ferry, Cupar, Tayport and Newport-on-Tay. Experts in Wella Koleston Perfect, Wella Illumina and Matrix colour systems.